Selling On Mercari Vs eBay (2022) – The Complete Breakdown For Sellers

Nowadays, people always look for money-making sources. And selling online things is one of them. But in the market, there are many platforms available that offer people to sell items online like eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark.

With 266 million users, eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari are among the most effective online selling platforms. These platforms have a lot of client devotion, but how do they fair with sellers?

These three platforms are the best; they all have their own merits and demerits. With these three being so popular, it isn’t easy to decide which is better.

With these three being so popular, it isn’t easy to decide which of the three is better by giving you a broad comparison of Mercari vs eBay. Today’s article will find what these platforms are and their features. And which is the best for you. so stick with us and keep reading and find which platform suits you the most.

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What Is Mercari?


Mercari is a new player in the selling platform market. But it has become so much popular in just 10 years. Mercari, Inc. is a Japanese e-commerce firm based in the United States created in 2013. 

Their flagship product, the Mercari marketplace app, was released in Japan in July 2013 and has since grown to become the country’s largest community-powered marketplace, with over JPY 10 billion in monthly transactions. 

Mercari was used by 94 percent of Japanese consumers who used one of the country’s several community marketplace applications.

In 2014, Mercari expanded to the United States, and in 2016, it extended to the United Kingdom. As of December 16, 2017, the Mercari app had been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide, making the firm the first in Japan to achieve unicorn status.

Mercari offers some of the most straightforward processes for both purchasing and selling, making the transaction as simple as possible.

Mercari also allows you to sell almost anything. Mercari is a website where you may sell Pokémon cards, automobile components, or musical instruments.

Because most of the things offered on Mercari are used, the site is known as the most outstanding online flea market.

In general, Mercari is a well-liked sales platform. Whether you want to sell new or old things, you will most likely find a buyer interested in what you have to offer and will be able to sell the product quickly.

What Is eBay?


eBay Inc. is a worldwide e-commerce organization headquartered in San Jose, California, enabling consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer purchases via its website.

Pierre Omidyar launched eBay in 1995, and it became a well-known success story of the dot-com boom. As of 2019, eBay is a multibillion-dollar corporation with operations in about 32 countries.

The corporation administers the eBay website, an online auction and shopping platform where individuals and companies worldwide purchase and sell various products and services. 

Buyers can access the website for free, but sellers are charged fees for listing products after a certain amount of free listings and an additional or separate cost when those items are sold.

eBay has unique auction features. Although you can sell your goods at a defined price, you could also establish a minimum price and let consumers bid on it. The item is awarded to the highest bidder.

Although eBay is one of the industry’s oldest participants, it is far from obsolete.

Whether you want to sell new or old products, eBay is one of the greatest sites to utilize because it has so many people that trust this platform to purchase their items.

Mercari vs eBay Complete Breakdown

Mercari Vs eBay

Now that you have learned about Mercari and eBay let’s move on to the most essential part of this article, where I will give you a detailed broad comparison between mercari and eBay. 

mercari vs eBay comparison allows you to choose your best online selling platform, giving you high profit.

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let’s look at which platform allows people to easily signup and list.

Mercari :- mercari requires an email; then you are good to go. You can quickly sign up on mercari. Authenticate your account before you start listing. When you sign up with your email, you are good to go for listing. 

There is no such information required before listing any item. It would help if you had some excellent pictures and a short description and you were ready to sell. mercari allows you 3 tags that help describe your listing to the buyers.

eBay :- Use an email or Facebook account to join eBay, and then follow the steps to validate your account.

Listing on eBay is more time-consuming than listing on Mercari since you must offer more than simply photographs and descriptions.

eBay allows you to add extra information about your product, like its dimension and weight. The desktop version is better than the mobile because listing any effect on the mobile app is complex. 

In My opinion, Mercari is best for you because Mercari has easy signup and listing better than eBay.


The second massive factor in deciding which platform to sell stuff online is seller fees. High fees can take a significant chunk out of your profit margin or even cause you to lose money, so you need to know your numbers!

Mercari :- Mercari is one of the most cost-effective venues for starting a resale side business. Mercari seller fees are only 10% when and if you make a sale; therefore, there is no risk in the listing.

There is also a $0.30 cost with each sale and a payment processing fee of 2.9 percent of the transaction price.

There are also $2 withdrawal costs if your balance is less than $10 or your bank rejects the direct deposit, but these fees are easily prevented. Mercari initially limits you to 100 listings, but this number gradually grows if you regularly sell on the platform.

In addition, the site encourages you to relist your products regularly to enhance their chances of selling, so there is additional labor involved in that regard.

eBay :- Every eBay user receives 200 free listings each month, with each extra listing costing $0.35.

The site also provides a tiered menu of Store memberships, where you may pay a monthly charge to have access to extra promotional tools, free listings, and discounted rates.

Regardless of account type, the platform takes 10-12 percent of all sales in most categories, up to $750 per item.

It’s also worth noting that if your item doesn’t sell, the listing cost is non-refundable, and you’ll be paid again if you choose to relist it.

In My Opinion, Mercari’s costs are cheaper than eBay’s in most product categories, although eBay offers lower fees in specific.


A larger audience means more buyers and sellers and trust. A larger audience allows your product to sell in less time. 

Mercari :- mercari is not a very old player; it has not so much audience. But although in just 10 years, it has done a great job and created a lot of audiences. It has more than 19 million users. 

eBay :- if you compare it with mercari, it has a massive audience of 197 million audiences than mercari, although it is the oldest player in the market.

Winner:- This one goes to eBay by a wide margin. However, eBay has had at least 16 years longer than its competitors to expand its user base, and the new kids on the block are swiftly accumulating users.


The easier the selling platform, the easier it will be to sell goods. A complex interface has the chance to lose its potential seller and buyers.

So it’s better to use a straightforward interface that is easy to adapt and understand to list your item on the platform and make money quickly.

Each platform provides a desktop and app version of their marketplaces, giving sellers flexibility regarding when and how they list and operate their company.

Mercari :- mercari is a new player in the market and designed for the modern people. It has a very easy-to-use interface. That’s why mercari become so popular in less time. One of the most important Mercari selling ideas is to keep things simple.

Just necessary input fields (pictures, title, description, delivery mode, and price) are required for listing, and the app itself is fundamental and straightforward.

This platform is ideal for the no-frills vendor who wants to get started quickly and is looking for a simplified yet modern online marketplace. Learn how to sell on Mercari right now.

eBay :- eBay is an old player. It has 25+ years of experience in this market. eBay constantly updated its interface for its users. They know their users much better than any other platform. 

When it comes to listing things, eBay’s mobile app has the most input fields of these two marketplaces, which might significantly slow down the listing process compared to Mercari and Poshmark.

Consequently, many vendors manage to list on their computers for a more efficient experience. eBay’s seller hub is pretty nice these days, and it centralizes things like Shipping, refunds, communications, and listing in one convenient location.

In my opinion, Merari wins in this case, thanks to its straightforward and no-frills experience for vendors. You’ll be able to get started in minutes.


The shipping procedure might be overwhelming for newcomers. As a result, it’s essential to understand which online marketplaces make the process easier and others leave vendors to fend for themselves.

Some platforms will even lower delivery expenses for merchants, allowing them to keep more earnings in their pockets. Shipping charges might quickly add up as well.

Mercari :- Mercari allows you to choose whether to pay for Shipping yourself or have your buyers pay for it; nevertheless, raising your rates to cover the delivery cost will undoubtedly result in more sales.

Mercari has also worked with UPS so that sellers don’t have to worry about shipping labels; pack it and scan the QR code at a UPS shop.

You can also manage the shipment yourself rather than using Mercari’s printed, weight-based shipping labels, which cover items up to 150 lbs.

eBay :- Using eBay, Sellers can ship locally, nationally, or worldwide (Global Shipping Program).

Shipping via eBay is a more challenging procedure since it requires more decision-making to achieve the best price.

It would help if you considered factors such as:

  • Sizes of packages
  • Shipping weights for carriers
  • Choosing classes will get more straightforward as you become more acquainted with the platform.

Sellers may examine postage costs for major carriers such as FedEx and USPS inside the shipping interface and their seller shipping discount applied.

Because you can fine-tune package weight/sizing, eBay puts the control in the hands of the seller, which helps save a few bucks in the shipping process.

Winner:- Although Mercari offers a more straightforward delivery cost system, professional eBay sellers may boost their profit margins by aiming for the lowest shipping prices feasible.


While choosing the right platform for you, you should check whether their seller protection policy is good or not. 

If the seller protection is not good enough, you can get burned by scams, difficult buyers, broken merchandise, and lost shipments.

Mercari :- Active Mercari users observe that buyers are more valued than sellers in a transaction; nevertheless, if sales result in a return, it must be requested within three days of arrival and for a reasonable cause.

The site will also hold your cash for up to three days following delivery until you and the buyer have rated each other.

As a result, if your buyer forgets to submit your rating, it may be some time before you see the money in your account.

eBay :- eBay has a tight rating system for sellers, which means that if you ship late, cancel an order, or have a negative review, your account will be marked with “defects,” which will reduce your attraction to customers.

They will also conduct performance assessments on each account every 1-12 months, depending on your sales performance, to assess the quality of your listings and transactions.

Customers can seek a return within 10 days of receiving their goods, but it is up to the seller to accept the returned item unless damaged or lost in transit. If you use Paypal to process transactions, you must immediately undertake the refund due to their rules.

If a seller does not get money for an item and has done nothing wrong, eBay offers a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ to help sellers receive payment for the things they’ve sent.

In my opinion, It isn’t easy to choose who is the winner because both have good seller protection policies, which allows a buyer and sellers to get a fair deal.


Both eBay and Mercari are prominent online marketplaces for selling items to individuals all across the country.

However, Mercari and eBay both allow you to sell in person. This is the ideal option to sell if you want to make quick money without dealing with Shipping. Let’s see how eBay and Mercari compare in terms of local selling.

Mercari :- Mercari Local, the new local-selling portion of the marketplace, was recently introduced.

And this isn’t the same as selling on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp, where you have to meet strangers in person.

Instead, Mercari Local collaborates with Uber to provide contact-free delivery and eliminate the need for you to meet your buyer.

Instead, an Uber driver will pick up your product and deliver it to the buyer’s address. It’s straightforward and secure because you’re paid using the Mercari app.

Another item to be aware of is the $7.99 delivery fee charged by Mercari Local.

eBay :- If you wish to sell something locally, you can use eBay classified advertisements. However, unlike Mercari Local, you must meet the customer in person and agree on how you will be paid.

A classified ad’s insertion charge is $9.95 for a 30-day term. After 30 days, your listing will expire, and you will have to pay for it again.

The advantage is that local purchasers may pay you in cash, which is essential if you desire cash transactions. However, eBay costs for local sales are higher than Mercari fees.

Furthermore, you must go through the bother of seeing the buyer in person, agreeing on a time, and determining a payment mechanism that works for you.

In my opinion, Mercari makes local selling more accessible and more economical than eBay.


The platform which releases quick money to its seller, that platform is considered better because no one likes to wait for their earned money.

Understanding when and how sellers may access their money is a critical component of the whole experience.

Mercari :- Payouts are retained on the seller’s balance page after a sale until the seller requests a bank deposit. The deposit will take 2-5 days to show in the seller’s bank account, depending on the banking institution.

eBay :- Sellers may generally obtain their compensation within 1-2 days of a transaction, but it might take 3 business days. Earnings are deposited immediately into the seller’s bank account.


Not every transaction will go as planned. Packages are occasionally missing, and buyer disputes occur.

In these cases, it’s critical to understand what sort of assistance is accessible to sellers because not every platform is made equal in terms of seller experience.

Mercari :- Shipments sent using Mercari prepaid labels include up to $200 in Shipping Protection for products lost or damaged in transit.

Mercari allows consumers three days to request a refund, but all purchases are final after that. Some marketplaces, such as eBay, have been known to “approve” a refund 30 days after the transaction.

eBay :- eBay has Ongoing transaction monitoring to verify that all payments for sellers are secure.

For bogus “item not as described” allegations, eBay gives top-rated sellers a $6 return shipping label credit.

When merchants receive negative feedback for reasons beyond their control, their feedback is automatically corrected.

In my opinion, It’s a tie because both have the same level of seller experience.

Selling On Mercari Vs eBay : What Sellers Say Is Best

Choosing the right selling platform may be tricky because both have similarities and are good at some levels. Selling on both these platforms is easy and accessible, but it’s your call which platform you like the most.

And from now which platform are you going to use for selling products. Tell me in the comment section. As you can see, Mercari is user-friendly for beginners, has cheap costs, and is just easier to get started with.

eBay, on the other hand, has a more extensive consumer base. Furthermore, specific niches are more profitable than others.

We suggest Mercari if you are selling things after clearing out your closet, but eBay is good if you are selling products regularly.

However, you may always cross-list on Mercari and eBay to optimize your visibility. Be careful not to pay for too many listings if you go over your free limit!

1. Cross-listing 

If none of the platforms shout out that they are the best fit for you, you might want to try cross-listing. It may be advantageous to list your things on numerous platforms with free listings and other incentives to reach a larger audience pool.

If you have a limited quantity of products, you will need to act quickly since you will need to withdraw it from one platform if it sells on the other. However, if you’re organized and can maintain track of your listings, cross-listing might be advantageous.

There are numerous outstanding buying and selling sites accessible, whether you want to sell a few items to clean your closet or build a side hustle to supplement your income.

Mercari, as well as eBay, provide some excellent perks tailored to your individual needs. Just read the complete terms and conditions to get the most of these platforms and keep your potential purchasers satisfied.

2. Pros & Cons 

So, let’s breakdown a list of pros and cons for each platform to see the variations between each selling platform and make your own decision!

Mercari pros

Cheap Mercari charges only 10% commission on orders and no listing fee, so you keep more money on the things you sell and lose none on the ones you don’t.
Simple Listing You need a little information and up to 12 photographs to have an item listed and ready to sell.
Privacy Protections Interactions with purchasers will occur in a safe and separate chat, allowing you to exchange information regarding the transaction freely.
Simple Shipping Mercari’s flat rate shipping and prepaid labels make it simple to ship your things throughout the country at a cheap cost. Not to add that their shipping protection ensures that you are protected if something goes wrong.

Mercari cons

Buyer ScamsIf a buyer requests a return and the seller does not demand that the item be returned to them, buyers may be able to retain the thing after receiving their refund.
Slow PaymentsDue to the grading mentioned above, it may take several days for monies to be moved to your account, followed by extra time for them to be delivered to your account.
RelistingListings can quickly become buried in search results, particularly in high-demand categories. To ensure that as many people view your listings as possible, you will need to relist them regularly, which will take additional time.

eBay pros 

Large Customer baseThis is undoubtedly one of eBay’s most robust selling features as the site with the highest traffic and reach. More customers always equal more money, so you’re more likely to make more sales and even sell your products at a better price than you would on Mercari.
Building Your BrandBecause eBay allows you to sell your things under a Store subscription, you can convert one-time visitors into recurring consumers.
Phone Customer CareUnlike Mercari, eBay customer service is available by phone from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, which means any problem may be handled swiftly.
No Relisting RequiredOn eBay, you can basically list an item and then forget about it until it sells. There is no need to relist or promote products to sell them.

eBay cons

Listing FeesWhile you get one free listing every month, any extra ones will cost you– on top of the commission eBay collects on the transaction. You’ll need to assess your earnings to see if you’re still profitable after eBay deducts their part.
Potentially Oversaturated MarketWith so many individuals selling miniature versions of the same things on eBay, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. More Shipping is complicated since your purchases must be precisely weighed, as any discrepancy may result in extra expenses for you.


as of now, I have given you all the information about mercari and eBay, and I also provided you with the broad difference between their feature policies and their pros and cons.

The ideal platform for you will most likely be determined by who you’re selling to, what you’re selling, and how much you’re selling.

Mercari’s audience is younger, and purchasers expect used items; therefore, you should expect to sell items at a lower price.

While eBay continues to appeal to this group, there is a more robust demand for higher-priced and collectible products.

Both platforms have diverse user populations, which means you’ll have more prospective clients and sales prospects. Just make sure to maintain goods on hand, so you don’t sell more than you have!

So, what’s the ultimate word?

Mercari :- Best for first-time US sellers searching for a quick method to sell items online without dealing with complicated listing processes, fees, and shipping requirements.

eBay :- This platform is best for more experienced sellers who want to reach a worldwide audience and know how to keep shipping costs down.

That’s all from my side hope you have a great day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Mercari and eBay are secure. However, eBay is more secure due to tight buyer and seller laws. These stringent standards ensure that the merchants on the platform deliver on their promises. If a seller is untrustworthy on eBay, they will be marked as such. Mercari, on the other hand, is more governed by the vendors themselves, making it less predictable than eBay.

mercari is more affordable than eBay across most product categories and is the most cost-effective approach for most vendors to sell their wares online. However, eBay has cheaper seller costs than Mercari in various product categories, even more, costly areas such as instruments or designer footwear, so it’s always worth comparing seller fees between the two platforms.

In terms of dependability and professionalism, eBay outperforms Mercari. Because of the rigorous restrictions, both the buyer and seller are confident that they are dealing with a reliable individual. Mercari is more convenient because it doesn’t demand as much information regarding the commodity you’re selling.

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