How To Sell a Pool Table & Get 2x Higher Payouts

Billards is widely played all around the world. Billards is a great game to show your skills and showcase your abilities. People love to play pool, and they play it with great passion.

But if there is a pool table in the house and you do not play it, then it will only occupy the space of your home. so it is best to sell the pool table and use that area for your other work, but the question is how to sell a used pool table?

So today, in this article, you will find a great idea to sell your used pool table and make more profits from them.

How to sell a pool table – point to consider

How to sell a pool table

Selling a pool table or any old thing is not an easy task because there are some points you should consider while selling your old items, so below, I have described 3 points that you should consider while selling your pool table. This will help you to get a reasonable price for your pool table.

1. brand

I always used to see that which model and brand I was using. You may get only 30-40 % of the retail value if you want to sell a cheap no-brand pool table.

But if you have a good brand pool table that is still available in the market, you may get a good retail value. Some premium brands are available in the market, like Brunswick, Olhausen, Golden West and Connelly, which can give you 75-80% of their retail value. 

2. Consider The Age

how old your pool table matters the most because people are always looking for something good at low prices. So if your pool table is good enough and not so old, you can quickly sell them at a reasonable price.

Still, if your pool table is older than ten years, it needs some repairing before selling, although after negotiation, you may get a satisfying price. But if your pool table is old more than 40 years, then you should sell them as early as possible because they only occupy the space.

3. Look At The Condition of the Table

when you want to know how to sell a used pool table, you must consider this point. Look at the present condition of your pool table. Only the excellent condition of your pool table can get you a reasonable price for it.

 if your pool table is not in good condition, then first repair it, and You must make sure that your pool table is perfect everywhere.

How to Sell Pool Table in Top dollar 

Sometimes you will not get a reasonable price for your pool table because of some issue.

So today, I am giving you 2 points to consider before selling your pool table by which you can get more profits while selling your used pool table.

1. Cleaning The Table Surface

If your pool table has stains and discolouration, you may lose some dollars while seeling the pool table, so it is preferable to clean the entire surface of the pool table. Thoroughly clean the surface of the pool panel as new as before.

Dishwashing liquid and water can be used to clean the surface but Use only a tiny amount of water to avoid damaging the felt and table surface beneath it.

Use felt cleaner on higher-end tablets. If you want to enhance the healing process as much as possible, this specific cleaner is worth the $20 expenditure.

Apply no heat to the surface. This can damage the felt and potentially create a bubbling, rendering the table inoperable. Keep everything cold when cleaning. If you clean your pool table correctly, you can book more profit while selling it.

2. Extra for the Ceus

Even if you don’t have ceus or billiard balls with your pool table, you can quickly sell them for a reasonable price. You can also charge extra for the billiards balls if your pool table is excellent. 

If people get the pool table in much better condition, they are ready to pay extra money for the ceus or billiards balls.

How Shipping Works When Selling a Pool Table

Choosing the proper shipment for selling your used pool table may help you gain more profit on a single deal. The two most famous shipping companies, USPS and FedEx, are widely used. 

A pool table typically weighs between 100 and 1,000 pounds. You may and should disassemble it for transportation, but the slates that make up the table still weigh between 100 and 150 pounds apiece.

This weight disqualifies both USPS and FedEx, which have a 75-pound delivery restriction.

You’ll have to mail it via UPS instead. Using a guide, disassemble the pool table as carefully as possible and calculate postage per well-wrapped piece.

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6 Ways to Sell a Used Pool Table

Used pool table

There are many ways by which you can sell your old used pool table. Check these methods thoroughly at your level so that you can sell your pool table at a reasonable price

1. Yard or Garage Sale

A garage sale is an informal gathering in which private individuals sell old products without being forced to seek business licences or collect sales tax. Typically, the items for sale during a garage sale are undesirable items from the household whose owners organize the sale.

You can try to sell your pool table through a yard sale or garage sale, but the problem is that you will not get a good potential buyer for your pool table. And many times, I have seen people do lots of bargaining in the garage or yard sale. 

I think the only way to sell your pool table on yard sale is through your networks or the relation networks. If your family member recommends your used pool table to their network or the people who want to buy it, then there is a chance that someone will buy your pool table. 

2. Listing on Local Ads

Listing on local ads can be a good start on selling your used pool table because they are not so much expensive. And the process is also not so tedious.

Listing on local ads can be the best option to sell your pool table. By listing on local ads, you may reach more people interested in your pool table. It is not confirmed that you will get the right buyer for your pool table by listing on local ads.

there are many ways of listing your pool table on local ads like:

  • Create a craigslist ad
  • Create a tiny ad on the website of the local newspaper.
  • On Instagram, tag the town in photos of the pool table.
  • Join and promote in local Facebook Marketplace groups.
  • Connect with residents on the Reddit community for your city or town.
  • When you publish the ad on Twitter, include your city and neighbourhood.

3. Craigslist

Craiglist is one the most authentic way to sell your used things. Craigslist (stylized as craigslist) is a classified ads website in the United States that includes sections for employment, housing, sale, goods sought, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

This excellent site has fallen out of favour in recent years, yet it can still offer practically everything at the price you want. The most outstanding aspect of this service is that the purchasers are virtually always local.

Furthermore, bidders cannot see what each other is ready to pay, allowing you to shop around for the customer with the deepest finances.

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an ancient method to sell anything. You may consider it outdated but trust it works very great when selling something.  

Through word of mouth, people believe in the product, and then they can give you a very satisfying price for your pool table. You can look at people around you in The workplace, at Family gatherings, at Church, School if you or your kids attend classes or Post it on your Facebook or Twitter for friends to see. 

You may get some people who need a pool table. It is also a way to approach the people for your used product.

5. Talk To Local Bars

Nowadays you will see pool tables on the bar this make their costumer stay more and enjoy more. You can visit the local bars in their off time. And gives all the details of your pool table and lastly ask them if they are interested or not. 

If they are not, then you may ask to recommend people who want the pool table. Visiting local may sound weird, but I think you should also try this if you’re selling your used pool table because everyone wants to save money, whether you, the bar owner or me.

6. Through Billiards Sites

Many companies are available where they buy used pool tables and sell them. They buy pool tables at low prices and sell them at high prices.

They can be a great option to sell your pool table because they quickly decide whether to buy or not. They always try to satisfy their sellers or buyer.

Whether you’re not sure if they’re the appropriate fit for you, read reviews and consider how much they’re willing to provide you.

If it’s a reputable firm, they’ll offer you a sum you’ll gladly take; if not, don’t be afraid to decline or bargain. Your home is worth more than a quick flip from a corporation.

Best Tips to sell Used pool table

Now you know all the possible ways to sell your pool tables. Now I am giving you some tips that will help you get more buyers, which will provide you with more profits. 

1. Take Good Pictures

Whenever you buy some goods, you will want to see the physical or some pictures of that item. You can judge whether the stuff you have purchased is correct or not. 

 So I would suggest that whenever you want to sell your pool table, you should always take good qualities of pictures by which you can show your pool table to the people you are selling the table. 

a good picture may increase the chances of selling the pool table and can give you some extra dollars. while taking photos; please consider these points:-

  • Please get rid of any stains or filth by cleaning it.
  • Improve the illumination so that it is visible.
  • Keep any clutter or dirt out of the backdrop.
  • Include photographs with and without the cues and balls on the table if you still have them.
  • Use a decent camera or your phone to take the photos.
  • Provide numerous perspectives, including any damage.
  • Sharpen the colours before publishing to make it more noticeable.

2. Fix Any Issues

If your pool table is broken somewhere or there is something wrong with it or needs to be repaired, I suggest that you get it fixed.

Instead of selling your old wrong table for a few dollars, you can fix it and sell it for a reasonable price. And make more profit on it. 

Some websites provide new mats for your table’s top, and you can even refinish the stain and polish the wood to make it appear like a class act.

If you don’t think it’s worth it, you may skip this task and take whatever offers you can get for a damaged billiards table.

3. Don’t Settle For Less.

Remember that you are selling an asset, not a waste, so always try to sell your old things at a reasonable price. Don’t be fooled or sell it for less amount. 

You are impatient while selling your pool table unless you need urgent money. Because being impatient can cause you a loss of hundred dollars and I don’t think this will be a good deal. 

So keep patience and check who gives you a reasonable price for your pool table. 


So on the way to how to sell a pool table. I have given you a brief idea of what point you should consider while selling a pool table or how you could make the top dollars while selling a pool table, and lastly, the best ways by which you can sell your pool table.

So when you are going to sell your pool table, definitely use all the methods I have told you. I hope this article will help you to sell your pool table. Now that’s all from my side, and I hope you have a better day.

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