How to Make Money on Bigo live (10 Mind blowing Ways to Earn)

As you know, in the pandemic times , many people lose their jobs, and they choose some online platform to earn money like TikTok. among many options available on the web, there is a platform called bigo live, which is today I am going to talk about.

In today’s article, you will find what bigo live is, how to make money on bigo, and the best Ways to earn more money on bigo live.

What is BIGO LIVE?

bigo live is a free application where people make videos and live stream their activities and share them with their friends and strangers. Here anyone can connect with the world.

bigo live is a live streaming application. in This application people shows their talent to the world. This is a Singapore-based company that varies famous worldwide due to their extraordinary features.

This is used worldwide, and it is famous mainly in the countries like Southeast Asia, Russia, Spain, the USA, and Middle-east. This application is used for multimedia messaging and live streaming. You can use this app to earn money by showcasing your talent and skills on this platform.

So as you know, it can be a source of your income, so the first question comes in every people of mind that can we actually make money on bigo live ?

Can you make money on Bigo live?

bigo live

So back to the question, can we make money on bigo? So it is a big yes. for many people, this bigo live earning is a full-time earning source. And some people use this app as their side earning source. 

Making money on this bigo live is more relevant in today’s time where people are losing their job and searching for a side income source. 

10 Ways to Make Money on Bigo live

there are many ways by which you can make money on bigo live. here I have given you some of them. You can Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by working as a host or recruiter, and you can earn money by becoming a host on the bigo live.

You can showcase your skills to the world, which will help you to earn money. If you are not satisfied with your regular job, this would be the best option. Bigo Live is the place for you if you want to perform, show off your abilities, do comedy, make people laugh, and like connecting with others via your talent.

let me tell you what you can do as a host to make money on bigo live.

1. Podcast

Another method of making money on bigo live is by making a podcast. You can Create podcast of the current event or share your thoughts on a particular event. Or also, you can do podcast interviews of famous influencers. This will help you to gain followers. 

On Bigo, you may earn a lot of followers by taking current events and commenting on them. People are constantly interested in hearing other people’s perspectives on current subjects of interest, so this is a beautiful method to gain followers.

Then, as previously said, if you establish a following, you can obtain Bigo tips that you can convert to cash. You may also sell advertising on your Bigo Livestream to other businesses that want to target the people who watch your shows.

2. Get Sponsors

this is a very significant way to earn money. Many influencers artists used sponsors. To get sponsors, you need good active followers under your niche.

If you are a live stream gamer and have enough followers, you can promote yourself to brands and corporations in that genre to see if they would sponsor you.

You have to wear their t-shirt and use their products in your live stream. And sometimes, you have to promote your sponsorship through your mouth conversation.

3. Stream Your Life

People love to watch what other people are doing in their life. That’s why live streaming has become more prevalent in today’s world. 

People would love to watch what is going on in your life or what you are doing in your day time how you are working, what you are cooking, eating anything. 

You can become a vlogger who explores new places by streaming their journey and enjoyment in the bigo live. 

Many people become vloggers and gain followers and popularity by filming their journey. Many people turned their vlogging journey into a full-fledged business. If you love traveling, this can be a significant step to making money. 

4. through comedy

Your can make people laugh if you have a good sense of humor or performance. You can do comedy to gain followers and popularity in bigo live.

We all love to watch comedy because it makes us feel good in our bad times and if you have to ability to make people laugh then this is the best way to earn money from bigo live by showcasing your skill.

5. Play Music for People

As a host, you can play music for the people. If you are good at music or you love to sing, you would love to play some musical instruments. Then you can entertain people with your music and singing skills.

I have seen many people who are not so popular in today’s world, but after showcasing their talents on bigo live, they become famous. And bigo live can be a significant step to start your music journey as an individual artist.

By playing or singing, you can collect beans from your followers. Every 210 beans are worth $1, so the more beans you earn, the more money you can make.

6. selling online courses

As a previously say discussed on making on bigo live through promoting your products so as products you can also promote your online courses by making high-quality interactive videos and selling your online courses. 

you can promote your course by making a video on the features of your online courses, by sharing success stories, by interacting with your followers during the live stream 

You can earn money directly from the bigo through your followers, and you can also earn money by selling your online course.

7. Promote Your Products

As a host, you can promote your business products on the bigo live by making high-quality interactive videos for your products.

As an individual, you can promote your products like hat, t-shirt, ebooks. By promoting these products, you can earn money in two ways.

The first one is directly from the bigo live through your followers, and the second way is by sending your followers to your website and earning customers.

8. Become an Affiliate Marketer

This method will incorporate a couple of mentioned ones, slightly changing. Once you’ve amassed a large enough following, you’ll be able to draw the attention of other businesses.

Today, becoming affiliate marketers for these other organizations is a terrific method for people to make money online.

You may see affiliate marketing all the time and not even recognize it. Livestreamers will discuss how much they adore a specific product or anything made by a corporation.

Then they’ll state that their followers or viewers may receive a particular discount if they apply their unique Promo Code. and if their followers used their promo codes the artist get the commison on it. 

9. Give Video Game Walkthroughs

You can also earn money from bigo live by giving a video game walkthrough. Most people love to play games, and many love watching people playing games. 

You can use your game-playing skill on the bigo live to earn followers and gain popularity. This gaming industry has become so big that you can start your gaming career on the bigo live. 

As a gamer, you can earn more beans on the bigo than anyone else.

10. Teach People Something You Know

Suppose you have some specialized skills related to digital marketing SEO or any specialized skills. Then you can teach people by your videos. In today’s world, videos have become the most accessible way to communicate with strangers or the people you know.

This type of online platform primarily promotes videos to its viewers. You can use your skill to teach people and become popular by teaching people. You can showcase your many skills like makeup tutorials, drawing tutorials, cookiing videos or many more. 

Tips to earn more money from bigo

Tips to earn more money from bigo live

as we discussed previously how to make money on the bigo live now, I am giving you some tips that will help you to gain more followers on bigo live and help you to earn more money.

Creating an Attractive Profile

if you want to gain followers and earn more money, you should create an attractive profile to attract your followers.

A good and attractive profile works as a presentation for you. You need to upload a good, high-quality profile picture for an attractive profile.

You will need a high-quality camera and a photographer for a good profile picture. Also, write an engaging bio. Your bio describes you the most.

make high-quality videos 

always make high-quality videos. In bigo, there is so much potential, but if your video quality is low, then there are high chances of losing these potential customers. Aside from high-quality videos, you should also check your audio quality. 

You must have excellent video quality when you post something or engage in live streaming activities. People aren’t interested in watching grainy movies or listening to live to stream with bad audio quality, and you shouldn’t be either. To take part in a live chat or stream, you’ll need a high-quality camera and a microphone.

keep posting videos regular 

the most common way to gain more followers in any social media or application you have to be updated. People love those who are updated on their profiles and keep posted. 

You can become more famous if you keep posting videos regularly. If you are posting videos relevant to any subject or topic, you should post one video every day. If you can, try to post at least two videos every day.


if you seek a side income source or bored with your regular 9 to 5 job, then the bigo live is the best option. bigo live help you to earn money by posting videos on their application.

You can earn followers by making videos, including teaching videos, dancing videos, entertaining videos, etc. If people love your content, then there are many chances of earning a high amount of money.

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