About Us

Hello, I am Aman Kumar from India, Founder of Borntothewrite. I am a young Trader, Stock Investor & Crypto enthusiast with a passion for helping others in generating wealth. I have seen that people mostly get confused about Money Management, so I created this website. On this website, I will help you to select the best strategies for trading, Stock Marketing and Earning Money.

I have been working in this industry for the last 6 years. Now I have enough pieces of good knowledge that I can share with you and help you to implement personal finance. Here I will share all my knowledge and what I have experienced in my journey.

On this website, you will find finance topics so you can be more successful and live the life you want.

What Is Our Aim?

I aim to provide you with the best information from the internet and give suggestions to make your life easier.

Why This Site?

I want to thank you for visiting my website, Borntothewrite. This Site Is Medium Between You And Me. Here I Will Provide Educational Content to help you earn more money.

I Always Wanted To Share My Knowledge With People Worldwide, Which Is The Best Way To Communicate. I Aim To Provide Something New, And I Bet You Will Love This Site; After Taking Information From This Site, You Will Do Something Better For Your Mind.

DISCLAIMER:- All opinions shared on this Website are our own, No one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor. Please do your own research and due diligence. There is no guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from using this content. Investing of any kind involves risk and your investments may lose value.