11 legit Ways To Make Money From Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a passion for people, and nowadays, almost everyone wants to have a perfect body like bodybuilders.

But it is not easy at all, for this you will have to spend hours doing gym, many diets will have to be followed And at the same time you have to give up your favorite food items too. 

People do bodybuilding is not just for the perfect body, but many people also see it as their career. But when it comes to making a career, the first question that comes to mind is whether money can be earned by doing bodybuilding or not or how do the bodybuilders make money?

I have often seen that people have this misconception that bodybuilders have a lot of money; they have a lot of money.

So today, I will answer all your questions about ways to earn money from bodybuilding. Like how many ways are there to Make money from bodybuilding? Or how much money can we earn through bodybuilding annually? Or how much money do bodybuilders make? Or how much pro bodybuilders make?

But before directly diving into ways to make money through bodybuilding, you have to know something related to bodybuilding, like are bodybuilders rich? Or is bodybuilding expensive or not?

Are bodybuilders rich?

You might feel bad, but even your favorite bodybuilders are not as rich as you think. But you may oppose my argument and say that you have seen bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rich Gaspari, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, and Gary Strydom. All of them are very rich.

Yes, you are right; all of them are very rich but let me tell you that their income sources are different; none of them have earned that much money from bodybuilding.

Many bodybuilders consider the money they earn from competitions to be little more than a ‘bonus.’ Most people attend the tournament only to win a medal and rank high.

You’d be astonished to learn that the FIRST EVER Mr.Olympia competition featured a grand prize of, wait for it, $1,000. Arnold did, after all, win $1,000 for his years of hard effort. (Actually, “paid off”) let’s dive into the second question.

Is bodybuilding expensive or not?

Bodybuilding is one of the most costly sports available. The expense of vitamins, nourishment and food required to expand your body is not a laughing matter.

When you are serious about it, you can’t just go to the gym and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. A good diet that promotes muscular building is expensive.

Unfortunately, today’s society, the healthiest and most nutritious food is also the most expensive. People who participate in this activity should anticipate spending up to a third of their earnings on gym memberships, supplements, and meals.

How did bodybuilders make money? 

As we have talked about, are bodybuilders rich? Or is bodybuilding expensive? You may have been disappointed by my answers. Still, you need not be disappointed because Even if the bodybuilder is not rich, it is not cheap to do bodybuilding. 

However, bodybuilding still keeps you fit. There are many other ways by which you can make money through bodybuilding. 

There are many ways like personal trainers, sponsorship, and content creating modeling by which bodybuilders make money. Let’s talk about all the possible ways of earning money in brief.

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11 legit Ways To Make Money From Bodybuilding

Make Money From Bodybuilding

Let’s talk about some incredible ways bodybuilders make money and gear up their living standards.

1. Sponsorship

Sponsor is the most common way of making money in bodybuilding. In sponsorship, almost all bodybuilders do this. The company uses your face to sell its product to the targeted market.

The company always looks for good and trending faces. they visit bodybuilding shows where they select the people for the sponsorships.

If you want to get any sponsorship, you have to perform very well in the bodybuilding shows. Sometimes, you have to reach out to the company for sponsorship. If they like your proposal, then there is a lot of chance that you will get the sponsorship.

But The sponsorship market is quite competitive. As a result, it is critical to cultivate solid ties with potential sponsors.

Some bodybuilders make a living off of this type of money. However, among the pros, the percentage of bodybuilders who can survive off of their sponsorships is less than 10%.

Sponsorship might be as simple as a year’s supply of their supplement brand. They are frequently insufficient to meet your feeding expenditures, much alone everything else that comes with remaining alive.

2. bodybuilding competitions 

The other common way of making money in bodybuilding is winning cash prizes in the bodybuilding competition. But This is not how bodybuilders make a living, yet it is the first thing that springs to mind when people think of bodybuilders’ earnings.

This is similar to a once-in-a-while bonus for the finest of the best in the business. The top competitors in their category do not expect to get this money, and neither should you.

A strategy to live only on prize money will land you in a financial bind and disappointment. Congratulations to individuals who win money at concerts, but don’t put your money in the bank.

3. Fitness Model

If you have a decent face and an excellent physical appearance, you can choose modeling as a good income source. Nowadays, people are making a good income as fitness models. 

At first, you will not earn so much, but you can earn so much money as a fitness model after becoming a famous model.

This is also a very competitive field, so you will have to work hard to stand out from the mob and get recognized by those that pay for models.

The number of bodybuilders who make a livelihood through modeling is small. Still, it is more than the number who rely on sponsorships.

To make a livelihood, almost all bodybuilders combine several different revenue streams. You may also work as a spokesman for gyms, personal trainers, and even exercise gear businesses.

4. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship or starting a business in bodybuilding line can help earn decent money. 

You can choose a product or service to start a business on this line. You have a fantastic business opportunity if you can deliver a product or service that people are willing to pay for in the sector.

There are several opportunities for starting a bodybuilding business. Several approaches may be used. Although you may generate an unlimited amount of money this way, you will need good business abilities.

For example, you can start a supplement business or open up your own gym. Starting a supplement business can be a good option because every bodybuilder requires a supplement to maintain their physical appearance.

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5. Dietician

Diet is an essential thing in bodybuilding. A good diet helps you maintain your physical appearance and keeps you fit.

Food certainly has a huge impact on how successful a person is in their overall fitness objectives. If you are a bodybuilder, you must have followed a strict diet, and you might know which diet suits you. And if you have some knowledge about diet, you can use your knowledge to earn money.

You can plan a diet for other bodybuilders, and you can charge them for this. 

6. Personal trainer

personal trainers are what new people are always looking for. A new bodybuilder always looks for an excellent personal trainer who could suggest a good diet and help them throughout the bodybuilding journey.

As a personal trainer, you could earn decent money if you worked well. You can make 2-3 clients at one time and charge as per your skills and experiences. 

If you want to get more clients, you should visit some bodybuilding shows where you can show your talent. You can connect with the gym owner where they can suggest their member to get a personal trainer. 

You have to make a broad network if you want to make money as a personal trainer in this line. Also, you can start by looking out for the people who require a personal trainer in your known group. 

You may differentiate yourself from other personal trainers by developing a customized program for each of your customers.

7 . Fitness Influencer 

If you’re wondering how fitness influencers make money, you’ll quickly discover that there are several options.

With the prevalence of social media, there are several choices for this job nowadays.

You may monetize your social media following by acting as a spokesman for certain goods, services, or gyms.

There are practically limitless items you could promote to your followers.

8. Contest Coach

contest coach is based on your experience or how many contests you have attended. you can use this experience for a steady income job.

Being a contest coach, like personal training, can give a consistent source of income on which you can rely On, but it will not make you wealthy.

You can train people to perform on stage how they can be good at bodybuilding or give them some tips to win a contest by your own experience. You need to have a piece of knowledge about how to contest and some years of experience. 

You may promote your services by exploiting your contest victories to convince others that if they learn from you, they, too, will be able to win some massive competitions.

9. fitness blog writing 

Fitness is a good niche option to choose for blog writing. If you have some knowledge and enthusiasm related to fitness, you can select blog writing as an income source.

People always seek a genuine writer who gives them good knowledge, so you start blog writing that will help people in their bodybuilding journey.

People enjoy reading about fascinating enterprises and tales. As a bodybuilder, you’re bound to have some interesting anecdotes to relate and advice on how to eat healthier and exercise more effectively.

Topics for discussion might include:-

Eating :- How to Eat a Balanced Diet While Muscle Building.

Interviews :- You may have a variety of guest interviews on various themes.

Exercising :- How much should individuals exercise, and what regimens should they follow?

Vlogs :- Videoblogs that document your adventure (which is one of the more popular TikTok video ideas).

10. Correspondent for Fitness

Believe it or not, Many media sources seek the services of a fitness correspondent.

You may work as a guest on TV shows, as a writer for online or print media, or even as a camera operator in this position.

This profession may be a lot of fun because it is a little different for bodybuilders but still has a lot to do with fitness, working out, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

11. online workout classes

After the pandemic, you have seen that gyms are closed, and the people are not so much access to fitness and workout, so they are choosing alternatives by doing home exercises. 

You can teach people online how to work out at home or what diet they should follow. In this way, you can get some international clients and some local clients.

If you want to become more famous, you can give some interactive live classes to help people or provide some free demo classes on youtube to promote your premium courses. It is also a great way to make money through bodybuilding.

Tips to earn extra money through bodybuilding

make money through bodybuilding

If you want to earn extra money through bodybuilding, I am Giving you some tips that you can follow to make extra money.

1. Consider the long term

If you want to live off of bodybuilding, you’ll need to establish a short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial plan.

Perhaps you should acquire a regular job while studying to become a personal trainer; then, after you’re a personal trainer, concentrate on developing a business that combines your love of bodybuilding with your enthusiasm for fitness.

If you don’t plan ahead of time, breaking through your next muscular plateau will be the least of your concerns.

2. Several revenue sources

The secret to generating a lot of money is diversifying your revenue streams. Don’t rely on just one source of income.

Your priority should be to develop a consistent source of income. Your second objective should be to find a way to supplement your income. 

You can find out the best approach to transform the extra revenue into more money using the extra money from the secondary income. 

3. Use money smartly

You may make a lot of money as a personal trainer or entrepreneur if you stand out on stage—originality triumphs.

You should save and spend your money sensibly. Ensure you always have enough money set up for “rainy days,” and keep your spending as low as possible.

The last thing you want to do is stop taking supplements in the middle of the month because you expected to earn more money but didn’t.

Don’t allow your bulking diet to drain your bank account and put a halt to your development.


Making money as a bodybuilder is not impossible. You just need to choose the right way of earning money. Here is my helpful guide by which you can make money through bodybuilding. I hope my research and knowledge will help you earn more money.

now that’s an end from my side; I hope you have a better day.

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